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Excellent films to be shown during the film festiv

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    Xinhuali Youyingku (Xiaozhai)

    By working with Xi’an Xinhua Bookstore, Xi’an City Movie Corporation built the themed cinema “Youyingku” for customization services at Xinhuali CoffeeBooks. Not only is Xinhuali Youyingku a bookstore but also is a cinema for customization services. By adopting domestic cutting-edge and high-end hardware configurations, the “Xinhuali –Youyingku Cinema for Customization” focuses on the movie for themed design and has devised 11 themed halls of different styles. Herein, each hall may host 3-5 persons for friends gathering and family relaxation.

    Address: Xinhua Bookstore, No. 72, Chang’an Middle Road, Yanta District

    Tel.: 029-85255688

    There is only 42 days left until the opening of the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival. Let’s wait together and walk into the cinemas to view more domestic and overseas excellent films.

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