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Yang Liping Staged at Cultural Show of the SRIFF (2016-09-08 17:55)

More than 200 Movies Will Be Screened (2016-09-08 17:55)

From September 18, over 200 Chinese and foreign quality movies will be screened in Xi’an.

The SRIFF Cultural Show Unfolded Fantastic Beauty (2016-09-05 14:26)

Huang Xiaoming will Appear in the 3rd SRIFF (2016-09-05 09:25)

Predestined relation between Huang Xiaoming and Silk Road.

Zhao Yazhi will Appear in Red Carpet Ceremony (2016-09-05 09:17)

Jackie Chan Speaks for the 3rd SRIFF (2016-08-31 15:47)

The SRIFFis the world’s only film festival named after the Silk Road.

Drama the Legend of Zhen Huan Shown in Qujiang (2016-08-29 15:49)

The Cultural Show of the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival(SRIFF) was launched.

The 3rd SRIFF Coordination held in Qujiang (2016-08-25 17:23)

On the morning of August 12, the 3rd SRIFF Coordination was held in Qujiang New District.

Workshops on SRIFF Opening/Closing ceremony held (2016-08-18 11:12)

Opening Ceremony Translation Work Meeting held (2016-08-12 11:48)

Workshop on preparations for events held (2016-08-22 15:05)

Silk Road International Film Festival——xi'an

Review Jury for the Project Pitches determined (2016-08-17 10:33)

The 3rd SRIFF Investment Promotion in progress (2016-08-12 12:02)

Excellent films to be shown during the film festival (2016-08-09 11:48)

The 3rd SRIFF to kick off on September 19 in Xi’an (2016-08-02 16:13)