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Excellent films to be shown during the film festiv

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    The Third Silk Road International Film Festival will take place in Qujiang New District of Xi’an City of Shaanxi Province during September 19-23, and the film screening unit will broadcast domestic and overseas excellent films in theater circuits, communities, and higher education schools, etc. Over the past 10-odd years since China implemented the theater chain system, China movie industry stepped into a “Golden Age”. In 2015, China totally created and produced 686 feature films and 51 animated films throughout the year, with annual box office of RMB 44.069 billion and annual cinema audiences of 1.26 billion person-times. Meanwhile, more than 1,200 cinemas were newly built, 8,035 screens were newly erected (average daily growth: 22 screens).

    Presently, China has more than 6,000 cinemas, and its screens exceed the number of 30,000, a gap of only 7,000 screens as compared to the North American market, the world biggest market in the movie industry. Since an increasing number of people take film appreciation as one of their main relaxation styles, the movie industry witnesses a booming development accordingly.

    In 2015, Shaanxi Province’s box office totaled RMB 1.04 billion, with audiences hitting 32.22 million person-times and screening times in urban cinemas reaching the number of 1.18 million, which all hit historical new highs. In the first half of 2016, Shaanxi Province’s total box office was RMB 623 million.

    According to the data released by the Statistical Bureau of Shaanxi Province, permanent resident population in Shaanxi Province was 37.92 million persons by the end of last year, based on which we may infer that every Shaanxi people spent RMB 16.5 in film appreciation on the average.

    During the Third Silk Road International Film Festival, more than 200 domestic and overseas excellent films of the Screening Unit will be shown in cinemas of Xi’an City. At that time, citizens may have a taste of cultures and stories from different countries, histories, and folk customs while appreciating the film.

    Qujiang International Cinema (Dayantan)

    Built elaborately by Xi’an Qujiang Film and Television Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., Xi’an Qujiang International Cinema has eight movie halls and 1,864 seats in total, including one VIP hall and one giant screen hall of Dolby Atmos with height of 13meters and width of 22 meters.

    Address: Qin-Han-Tang International Cultural and Business Plaza, Ci’en West Road.

    Tel.: 029-89133393

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