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Opening Ceremony Translation Work Meeting held

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    There are 39 days to go from the opening of the 3rd SRIFF. All preparatory work has come to the sprinting stage.

    In order to ensure the 3rd SRIFF to go on smoothly, from yesterday till today, the Secretariat of the SRIFF Executive Committee has consecutively convened three meetings in Qujiang Culture Building, conducting exchanges and discussions with reference to the opening ceremony, translation work, existing problems and other topics. Present were heads of staff members of departments of the Secretariat, the Trends Group working team, Big Fish Interactive Technology Co., Ltd.

    Symposium on SRIFF Opening Ceremony

    On the morning of August 10, the Symposium on SRIFF Opening Ceremony was held in Qujiang Culture Building, heads and staff members of the opening/closing ceremony group, advocacy group, reception group, Trends Group working team and Xi’an Radio & TV Grand Theater attended the symposium, carrying out detailed communication and exchange on site arrangement for the opening ceremony, workflow arrangement, guests invitation, media publicity and technical support. At the symposium, the head of Trends Group working team reported in detail the venue of the opening ceremony – Xi’an Radio & TV Grand Theater, including the facilities, regional division, security, red carpet, entrance path planning for the audience and stars, communicating with other teams in terms of related details of the opening ceremony, further communicating with the heads of Xi’an Radio & TV Grand Theater, all departments and Trends Group in terms of seat number, parking lot, guest reception and media arrangement and solving the existing problems.

    SRIFF Translation Work Seminar

    On the morning of August 11, the SRIFF Translation Work Seminar was held in Qujiang Culture Building. Related personnel of departments in need of translation work attended the seminar, the Secretariat Office explained translation work in reference to demand sections, translation type, interpretation demand and translation facilities.

    During the film festival, over 200 domestic and foreign films of the Film Screening section, the ASEAN film show, guest of honor film show, film forum and film review all need to translate or interpret. At the seminar, the Secretariat Office specified any translation work at the film festival, and solicited for requirements on materials to be translated and translators (interpreters).

    SRIFF Consultant Team Work Coordination

    On the afternoon of August 11, the SRIFF Consultant Team Work Coordination was held in Qujiang Culture Building. The opening/closing ceremony group, media and promotion group, film review group, forum activities group of the Secretariat of the Executive Committee and San Mu, head of Big Fish Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. attended the meeting, carrying out discussions on the closing ceremony, media and promotion, forum activities, invitation of guests and stars, and film review.

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