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The 3rd SRIFF Coordination held in Qujiang

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The 3rd SRIFF Coordination held in Qujiang.

    On the morning of August 12, the 3rd SRIFF Coordination was held in Qujiang New District. Present were Chen Jili, secretary-general of the Executive Committee, director of the Secretariat, director of Qujiang New District Administration Committee, Shao Zhengrong, Chen Gongde, Li Tiejun and Li Yaojie, deputy directors of the Secretariat, heads of 12 departments of the Secretariat and the 3rd SRIFF consultant - Big Fish Interactive Technology Co., Ltd.

    At the meeting, heads of the 12 departments reported their work in progress, existing problems and issues that need to be coordinated and solved. It is required to further clarify thoughts and duties, plan well and coordinate all the sections of film solicitation, scheme review, invitation of stars, determination of jurors, ensuring the success of the 3rd SRIFF.

    Chen Jili pointed out emphatically, regardless of tight schedule and heavy tasks for the 3rd SRIFF, the preparatory work was push forward smoothly. He put forward specific requirements for departments of the Secretariat with reference to tasks for the neat stage.

    Firstly, each department should strictly implement the scheme, further clarifying tasks and duties. Departments should coordinate and cooperate to share information, ensuring the SRIFF to go on smoothly.

    Secondly, heads of departments should enhance their service consciousness, strengthen organizational leadership, reinforce resource planning and coordination, ensuring information sharing and communication.

    Thirdly, constantly improve task performance, strictly observe the system of reporting on important matters, build up excellent team image, making the 3rd SRIFF a topic-prominence and far-reaching grand film event with distinct characteristics, an important event for Shaanxi to build the “new starting point of the Silk Road” and an important carrier for “quality Xi’an” and “cultural Xi’an”.

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