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Drama the Legend of Zhen Huan Shown in Qujiang

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Drama the Legend of Zhen Huan Shown in Qujiang

    On Aug.26, the Cultural Show of the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival(SRIFF) was launched in Qujiang New District, with historical drama The Legend of Zhen Huanas the first show, which washeld at the Qujiang Auditorium ofQujiang International Convention Centerand attracted near 2,000spectators.

    The Legend of Zhen Huanis the first stage play produced by Director Tian Qinxin in association with Professor Chen Xuguang, deputy dean of the School of Arts, PekingUniversity and director of Institute of Film,Television and Theatre,PekingUniversity. The drama was directed by two new-generation directors Huang Kai and Wang Tingting, and written by young playwrights Yang Yikun and Zhuang Yi.

    This drama portrays the course of fate of Zhen Huan, who was originally an innocent girl, with ups and downs and struggling in the imperial harem through freehand reconstructionwith brisk but sharp language from roles in ancient costumes. Instead of a simple remake of the TV series The Legend of Zhen Huan, it concentrates the contents of 7 books and 76 episodes of TV series into a stage plat of only 2 hours. While maintaining the basic plots about the “intrigues among empresses in the palace” and “rivalries among the empresses for the emperor’s favor”, it focuses more on the fate and growth of women in the special environment, and the stage space pursues variability and fluidity.

    As the first show of the Cultural Show of the 3rdSRIFF, The Legend of Zhen Huan, since launched, has been the focus of the society and the audience.

    After the show, the spectators were still pondering the wonderful lines of the roles and immersed in the atmosphere built by the stage. “It was very magnificent and impressive! We have almost crossed a historical period and shared the fate of Zhen Huan in only 2 hours,” said Mr. Qin, a citizen.

    “It is a cross-media reinvention that crosses time and space for the transfer of The Legend of Zhen Huanfrom popular art to theatre art!It is a fantastic journal of love and hate and the ups and downs of humanity! Concise and highly concentrated, focusing on people’s hearts and feelings, it reproduces the fate of women through thousands of years on the stage with splendor of youthfulness,” said Professor Chen Xuguang as a comment on this drama.

    To sufficiently showcase the historical and cultural charm of Shaanxi and to exhibit the communication and resonance of diversified cultures, the 3rdSRIFF has specially set up the Cultural Show unit, where, besides The Legend of Zhen Huan, there are 5 more masterpieces, including Yang Liping’s dance drama Under Siege - The Full Story of Farewell My Concubine,grand original folk dance dramaConfucius, modern Qinqiang opera Yisu Theatreexperimental drama HenanRefugees Survived In Xi’an and original dance drama Silk Princess,to be successfully shown at Sofitel Convention Centre &Grand Theatre, Yisu Grand Theatre, Xi’an Radio & TV Grand Theater and The People’s Theatre as a feast for the audiences of this ancient city. Meanwhile, multiple performance shows will be held throughout the city to make this film festival “a feast of film and a festival for the people”.

    The 3rdSRIFF will be held in Xi’an during Sep. 19 and 23, 2016. With the theme of “Film in Development, Culture with Diversity”, this festival offers 7 units, namely, the Opening Ceremony, Film Awards, Film Screening, Film Forum, Film Market, Cultural Shown and Closing Ceremony &Award Ceremony. Now the preparations for this festival are already in the final sprint. The Opening Ceremony will be held at the Xi’an Radio & TV Grand Theater on Sep. 19 and the Closing Ceremony will be held at the Daming Palace National Heritage Park on Sep. 23.


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