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Zhao Yazhi will Appear in Red Carpet Ceremony

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    The other day, the journalist was informed by the Silk Road International Film Festival (Xi'an) Executive Committee that the legendary superstar Zhao Yazhi would be present at closing ceremony of the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival (SRIFF) held on September 23 at Daming Palace National Heritage Park together with the film producer Huang Jinshen.

    In this festival, Jackie Chan will act as image ambassador; Lu Chuan, Huang Xiaoming, Mao Junjie and other directors and stars, and stars from cast and crew of I am Not Pan Jinlian, Mission Milano, One Sentence Worth Thousand will gather here. Handsome men and pretty women will make this festival amazing. The 3rd SRIFF held in Xi’an on September 19 will be starry and wonderful definitely.

    “Bai Suzhen” acted by Zhao Yazhi is acclaimed

    As a top actress in Hong Kong, elegant and dignified Zhao Yazhi enjoys high popularity in global Chinese circle. She is a legendary superstar in China. Through decades of performance, Zhao Yazhi has left numerous classic age-striking works. Characters shaped by her, regardless of Su Rongrong, a chivalrous woman in Chu Liuxiang, or Diewu, a peerless beauty in Heroes Shed No Tears, or Feng Chengcheng, a charming lady in The Bund, or Cheng Huaixiu, a benevolent and resolute woman in Make Bitter Qianlong, have left people a deep impression.

    Among characters shaped by Zhao Yazhi, the most memorable one is Bai Suzhen in New Legend of White Snake in 1992. Since this TV series was broadcasted, it has "occupied” summer time over years. Thus, Bai Suzhen acted by Zhao Yazhi has become a classic and timeless image over generations.

    Despite more than twenty years, image of Bai Suzhen is still impacting young people’s life. Facial expression series about Zhao Yazhi playing magic arts are very popular and widely circulated among most netizens. Zhao Yazhi said it was very adorable when she knew her classic images were made into facial expression series.

    “Elegant goddess” falls in love with historical culture of Xi’an

    Zhao Yazhi will revisit Xi’an since she is invited to attend closing ceremony of the 3rd SRIFF. “I have come to Xi’an for at least three times. I came here during shooting. I like this city very much for its profound historical details. When I talk with foreign friends about its culture, they all know and like it. I am very proud. ” said Zhao Yazhi.

    In May, “elegant goddess” Zhao Yazhi made a Chinese hairstyle specially and came to Xi’an in a high-spirited and vigorous look this year. She posted a beautiful picture in Microblog with remarks that “I like this Chinese hairstyle for it agrees with Xi’an of a historical and cultural atmosphere”. Besides, with a smile, she said her favorite was Bread Soaked in Soup. She expects there is a change for her to taste featured delicious food in Xi’an again.

    At present, the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival is about to begin. Big stars will gather here and make a starry night. There will be more than 20 countries, several hundreds of professional institutions, several thousands of industrial investors, film producers, stars and artist, cultural experts and scholars will get together in Xi’an and jointly make a visual feast of Silk Road.

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