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Huang Xiaoming will Appear in the 3rd SRIFF

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    The 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival attracting extensive attention will start on September 19. Not only more than 200 overseas and domestic films will be presented in each major theatre chain, but also numerous overseas and domestic stars, distinguished guests, directors, and cast and crew will be present in this festival. Huang Xiaoming, a popular and talented actor, will personally advertise his new film Mission Milano and sing “love song for Silk Road”-- One Prajna in Thousands of Years in closing ceremony.

    Predestined relation between Huang Xiaoming and Silk Road

    In advertising video published lately for 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival, Huang Xiaoming expressed his wishes to this festival and said he would be present at this festival, which makes fans in Xi’an overjoyed.

    Huang Xiaoming has won many awards in numerous movie and TV series played by him. In 1998, Huang Xiaoming had been involved in entertainment circle since his first performance in Love is Not Game. In 2001, he gained attention due to his starring in ancient costume TV series An Emperor in Han Dynasty. In 2006, he starred in chivalrous TV series Divine Eagle. In 2007, he was nominated as the Best Actor in Magnolia Award of 13th Shanghai TV Series Festival on account of The New Bund.

    In 2008, Huang Xiaoming switched his focus of career to film. Subsequently, he won award frequently and set foot in investment in film and TV series. He acted as the image ambassador of the 11th Changchun International Film Festival in 2012 and became the first actor in China Mainland to leave a handprint in Grauman's Chinese Theatre in 2015, which gained wide fame.

    “Xuanzang”, played by Huang Xiaoming in an epic film Xuan Zang directed by Huo Jianqi, is one of the most powerful roles in Huang Xiaoming’s career and another superb acting of Huang Xiaoming after American Dreams in China. Xuanzang’s desire for survival, fear for death and devotion to the Buddhism have been expressed by Huang Xiaoming forcefully.

    This role helps Huang Xiaoming not only experience a metal journey to scriptures from Chang’an, but also establish predestined relation with Silk Road. During shooting phrase of film, in order to fulfill sense of authenticity, the cast and crew went to the desert (of which surface temperature reaches 60℃) and icy Xinjiang. As an absolute hero in the film, Huang Xiaoming has experienced the intensive heat and chilliness throughout Silk Road.

    “Xuanzang” will sing “love song for Silk Road” in closing ceremony

    As a filmmaker, Huang Xiaoming is required to have not only his own works, but also his clear judgment and pursuit for Chinese film and TV series industry. As an investor, Huang Xiaoming aims at TV series industry and VR market after trial and experience. He will be present as a new identity as a producer to incubate more superior IP and promote more superior VR items. Huang Xiaoming is invited by Xi’an Executive Committee of the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival on account of his persistent dedication to development of Chinese film and growth of Chinese film with superior resources.

    When the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival is held, Huang Xiaoming will return to starting point of Silk Road, Xi’an, again to participate in activities of this festival, and advertise the only comedy during National Day Holiday together with the cast and crew of Mission Milano. In pictures newly exposed in film, instead of previous sunny image, Huang Xiaoming, bound tightly with red rope circle by circle, seems to be disconcerted with a female comic book unfolded in front of him, which adds more sense of humor to the picture.

    Film Mission Milano is directed by Wang Jin, supervised by Andy Lau, starred by two male deities Andy Lau and Huang Xiaoming together, as well as Wong Cho lam, Hu Ran, Ouyang Nana, Evonne, Wu Yue, Petrina FUNG Bo-Bo, Mao Junjie and Xu Dongdong, and specially starred by Shen Teng, Zhao Yingjun, Qi Wei and etc. Mission Milano will launch nationwide on October 1 and make a triumph in box office during National Day holiday.

    It is the most expecting that Huang Xiaoming will be present at closing ceremony of the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival and sing “love song for Silk Road” --One Prajna in Thousands of Years so as to pay a tribute to an eminent monk, master Xuanzang. Once music for Silk Road and this film festival are encountered, there will be magic “chemical effect” and brilliant light of culture.

    It is said that, in addition to Huang Xiaoming, a famous filmmaker Huang Jianxin, director Lu Chuan and elegant goddess Mao Junjie will also be present in the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival, making this festival starry.

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