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The SRIFF Cultural Show Unfolded Fantastic Beauty

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The 3rdSRIFF Cultural Show Unfolded Fantastic Beauty.

    Somelittle guys in hard times, manytouching scenes teeming with sorrow, joy, separation and reunion...On the evening of September2, The Relation between Shaanxi and Henan,part of cultural show at the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival (SRIFF), had its premiere at Xi’an Radio & TV Grand Theater. This experimental dramamakes alive a story about great love and strong hope. Behind the scenes stands a eulogy to life potential and human dignity. The masterpiece tugged at the audience’s heartstrings, thus gainingmany a thumbs-up.

    Set against 1942 Henanwhere both summer and autumn saw no harvests of most crops in the wake of amassive drought, The Relation between Shaanxi and Henan tells an epic of howmany refugees fled to Shaanxi via Tongguan Pass.Through hard life and work, these scared incomershad finally settled in Xi’an.

    The saga unfolds its plotline around Xiao Qin starred by Xu Junxia, a Plum Blossom Prize laureate. Almost 10 year’s effort, laden with ups and downs, sorrows and joys,enabled the protagonistto have taken root in Xi’an. She was an epitome of those refugees living rough and blending into the local community. The fabulous epic best shows the bold optimism and daring enterprise of Henanese as well as the harmonious cohesion andpraiseworthy tolerance of Shaanxiese.

    The director team ingeniously inspiredactors to interpret those refugees through larger-than-life body language and ever-changing group scenes, which give us a brief look at thepoignant people. Many audiences spoke highly of the drama, “This is a new form of stage that we have never seen before,”“We enjoyed a breathtakingpanoply on the stage!”

    Drama critic Jiang Zhitao argued, “Films have two different genres: commercial and art films. If I borrow such dichotomy here, The Relation between Shaanxi and Henan is no doubt an art-house one. Why? Because it depicts nothing about politics or utilitarianism or perpetual indoctrination, but showshonestly and vehemently a massive refugee migrationfrom drought-stricken Henan in 1942. That’s a moving chapter of real history that strikes a chord with all...”

    Kang Shizhao, another critic, held that The Relation between Shaanxi and Henanknowingly employs drama-specific formularization and opening, yet brings new representation of group acting.

    As far as we know, in addition to The Relation between Shaanxi and Henan, plays like Yang Liping’sUnder Siege - The Full Story of Farewell My Concubine, large original folk dance drama Confucius, indigenous Modern Drama of Shaanxi OperaYisushe, original dance drama The Silk-Spreading Princesswill be put on atSofitel Convention Centre & Grand Theatre, Yisu Grand Theatre and Xi’an People’s Theatre. All these sparkling performances will give all Xi’anese a feast for the eyes. In this way, this event will be “a filmfeast for all”.

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