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More than 200 Movies Will Be Screened

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    According to the newspaper, the high-profile 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival will be held in Xi’an from September 19, 2016 to 23. From September 18, over 200 Chinese and foreign quality movies will be screened in 20 major cinemas and 2 universities in Xi’an. Among them, there are famous movies winning international awards, the latest adapted classical movies, movies featuring different cultures of countries along the Silk Road and the Chinese new movies with both excellent sales and reputation. It is noteworthy that A Top Ten Thousand, which is adapted from the same novel of the winner of Mao Dun Literature Prize, Liu Zhenyun, will be the opening film at the opening ceremony. It is to be screened at Qujiang international Movie Theater on 19 when there will be the opening ceremony of SRIFF.

    Film Screening serves as a core activity of SRIFF and an important part of SRIFF to reflect its core values. This SRIFF strengthens the requirement of diversity and professionalism. Film Screening will be on the basis of Silk Road premiere, Guest of honor film show, Briefing of International Award Winners, The ASEAN film show and Classics Restoration which are the major units of the previous two SRIFFs. In addition, it will include Power of the Author, Paying Tribute o Masters, Focusing on the Type, Stories about Female, Chinese Stories and Roaming all over the World to strengthen the promotion of new directors and new films.

    The Film Screening will screen not only ten Chinese films such as Atiptoe of Xin Tian You, Hot Iron and Out of the Ashes in the unit of Silk Road premiere, but also those Chinese classics such as A Chinese Odyssey, Yellow Earth, The Swordsman in Double-Flag Town, Old Well and Visitors on the Icy Mountain. These movies have been restored by China Film Archive to make the audience watch more clearly. Chinese films with good reputation from 2015-2016 such as Night Peacock, Haunted with Fear, Mountain Cry, De Lan, Kaili Blues and River will be screened by major cinemas in Xi’an.

    In the unit of Paying Tribute to Masters, themes are set in memory of the director Yasujiro Otsu. Six films including Early Summer, Late Spring, Tokyo Story, Good Morning, Lycorisradiata and An Autumn Afternoon which influences An Li, Hou Xiaoxian and Jia Zhangke will be screened. This year is the 20th anniversary of the death of Kieslowski. The film screening will display the trilogy of Blue, White and Red for movie lovers in Xi’an.

    In order to achieve full coverage of citizens, movie lovers can purchase the tickets on the mobile phone. They can watch the films at the Qujiang international Movie Theater, Xi’an Pacific Cineplex, Xi’an Oscar Jindi InternatonaL Cinemas, Xi’an Jackie Chan Cinema, Lumiere Pavilions Xi’an, Xi’an Bona, Cinema of Xidian University and Cinema of Northwest university of Political Science and Law.

    With film as bond, the 3rd SRIFF aims to promote the cultural communication and cooperation among countries along the Silk Road and to create conditions for a better cooperative relationship. At the same time, film boasts an advantage in publicizing and promoting the culture of a country and region, thus it becomes the most appropriate form to promote the culture. The 3rd SRIFF plays an indispensable role. It not only provides a feast of arts but also plays an overarching role in spreading Chinese culture and shaping the image of Xi’an.

    The countries along the Silk Road show their own characteristic film culture due to their abundant traditional foundation and geographic features. Through the Film Screening, it will not only make Chinese films as well as their underlying culture more visible to the countries along the Silk Road and other nearby countries and regions, but also make Chinese audience be close to those films with ethnicity. They can understand more culture of different countries while broadening their horizon.

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