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Chinese, foreign experts to debate in the SRIFF

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    How do VR films narrate? How do big data function in the film industry? The experts from the film & television industry, film distribution companies, screening companies, network companies and video sites will give professional replies at the Film Forum of the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival.

    According to sources with the Silk Road International Film Festival (Xi'an) Executive Committee, the Film Forum of the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival will center on the concepts of international film development, focus on art and technology exchanges, and present activities such as the Chairman Forum, the Silk Road Film Cooperation Forum, the Healthy Development of China Film Investment & Financing Forum, the Film Education and Industry Forum, the Opening Ceremony of the ASEAN Film Festival & China-ASEAN Film Cooperation Forum and the VR Forum & VR Image Screening. Distinguished experts and scholars in the film & television industry, as well as celebrated filmmakers from home and abroad will be invited, including Chuck Peil, co-founder of Reel FX; Hollywood director Renny Harlin; Agnese Fontana, president of the Italian Documentary Association; famous writer Liu Zhenyun; renowned cultural scholar Xiao Yunru; Ye Ning, vice president of Huayi Brothers Media Corporation and CEO of Huayi Brothers Film Co., Ltd.; and Li Ya, president of Phoenix New Media.

    The Film Forum aims to establish a high-end exchange platform for Chinese and foreign filmmakers, enhance the relations between the two sides, promote the sharing of resources, expand the connotation of cooperation, and create broader space for Chinese-foreign film exchanges, Chinese-foreign cultural exchanges and talent training cooperation.

     Touching the future, focusing on the development and exploration of VR image entertainment

    2016 marks the first booming year of VR. As the best laboratory for technology, image entertainment represented by film & television has been connected to VR to produce dazzling VR films (films using VR technology).

    To further improve China's level of VR image production, and attract more VR industrial talents and artists to VR creation, during the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival, the "VR Forum & VR Image Screening" themed "VR makes everything possible" will be held at Qujiang New District, Xi'an from September 20 to 21. This activity includes three units: the Global Summit, the International VR Film Screening & Technology Exhibition.

    The Global Summit will center on "the VR industry" and "VR content". Eight notable VR producers from countries such as the UK, the USA and Switzerland will be invited, including Chuck Peil, Mikael Hjorth, Antoine•Carroll and Li Wenjie. Some of them are well-respected leaders and innovators in the global film entertainment industry, such as Chuck Peil, co-founder of Reel FX which has presented over 10 VR/immersive works including the VR experience of Hunger Game. During the activity, VR Image Screening will present the works from VR creators and production companies in the UK, Germany, France, the USA, Canada, Switzerland, the Netherlands and China.

     Cultural connection-Launch of China-ASEAN Film Cooperation Program

    2016 marks the 27th anniversary of the establishment of dialogical relations between China and ASEAN, the opening year of China's Thirteenth Five-Year Plan and the first year of the establishment of the ASEAN Community. 2017 will see the 50th anniversary of ASEAN. All these will have a significant impact on the development of China-ASEAN relations. To further propel ASEAN countries to join the construction of "the Belt and Road", promote the friendship between the Chinese people and the people in ASEAN countries, and deepen the practical cooperation in films and other fields, the 1st "ASEAN Film Festival" will take place at Qujiang New District, Xi'an on September 20, with the participation of 10 ASEAN countries.

    As an important part of the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival, the ASEAN Film Festival will present the Kickoff Ceremony of the ASEAN Festival, the Signing Ceremony of China-ASEAN Film Cooperation Documents, the China-ASEAN Film Cooperation Forum and ASEAN Film Screening Ceremony, and launch the China-ASEAN Film Cooperation Program.

    Under the theme of "China-ASEAN Film Exchanges and Cooperation in the Context of 'the Belt and Road'", the China-ASEAN Film Cooperation Forum will delve into the "importance of China-ASEAN film exchanges to people-to-people communication" and the "practical film cooperation between China and ASEAN". Top industrial experts such as Jia Leilei, Liu Kailuo, Li Zhen and Zhou Tiedong will be invited to the forum. Liu Kailuo, president of Heyi Pictures Co., Ltd., has worked on film & television media for nearly 20 years, and was involved in the production and production supervision of tens of film & television works such as Surprise, Saving Mr. Wu and Monster Hunt.

     The Belt and Road-Infinite New Opportunity for Silk Road Films

    According to sources, the "Film and Silk Road Culture Development Forum" to be held on September 22 is the biggest highlight of the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival. This forum will focus on two subjects: "Silk Road Films-Cooperation and Inclusivity of Diversified Cultures" and "the Belt and Road-Infinite New Opportunity for Silk Road Films"

    In the context of the advancement of the "Belt and Road" strategy by China, Silk Road research has become an important part of many international conferences. The forum's practice of integrating films with Silk Road research during the Silk Road International Film Festival shows the innovation of the three domestic major film festivals, and tallies with the guideline of the Silk Road International Film Festival.

    Big names in the industry, such as Agnese Fontana, Edward Bowman, Ashhal muhammad•Baiti, Park Young-hoon, Liu Zhenyun, Xiao Yunru, Gao Jianqun, Lu Wei, Li Zhen, Zhang Ali, Zhu Zi, Nanhua and Hu Jingtao, have been invited to the forum. Renowned British writer Edward Bowman, closely linked to Xi'an, shot three English documentaries targeting international viewers, including Xi'an City Wall. Distinguished Silk Road culture expert Ashhal muhammad•Baiti enjoys worldwide influence in "the Silk Road and global culture" and other research fields. Notable cultural scholar Xiao Yunru published a monograph entitled A Journey of the Silk Road, and was named China's first "Silk Road Cultural Ambassador" by CCTV.

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