Inauguration of Film One Sentence Worth Thousand

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Inauguration of Film One Sentence Worth Thousand

Take the lead in this sincere light and shadow feast

    Inner war blockbuster One Sentence Worth Thousand (hereinafter referred to as Thousand), praised as “epic of one cuckold”, is an opening film in the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival. With plots full of twists and turns, aculeate and wonderful lines, invisible and complex relation among characters, this film takes the lead in the sincere light and shadow feast of the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival. In the morning of September, the original writer and scriptwriter Liu Zhenyun, director Liu Yulin, director of photography Wu Di actors and actresses Mao Hai, Li Qian, Sun Qian and Li Nuonuo, and other main personnel, are present at the press conference held by the Xi’an Qujiang Hyatt Hotel.

Inauguration of Film One Sentence Worth Thousand

 Take the lead in this sincere light and shadow feast

    Opening film: one film about war occurring inner heart

    When spouses have nothing to say, to bear it or not? When finding wife has an affair, the husband is put in grievance, will he bear or not? The film Thousand, centered on mental struggle of shoes repairer Niu Aiguo when he finds his wife has an affair, is praised as “epic of one cuckold”.

    The novel One Sentence Worth Thousand, written by Liu Zhenyun, a work with great impacts on society and profound meaning, was awarded the Eighth Mao Dun Literature Prize in China in 2011. Liu Zhenyun personally writes script for the film Thousand this time to keep spiritual core and sharp lines of the original novel to the maximum, explore contradiction and entanglement in general people’s marriage and deeply analyze “bearing or not” inside and outside life and marriage. By intensive and meticulous cultivation, attention is paid to a war in people’s inner world in a sincere and surefooted way. And billows inside heart of different characters are not second to an inner war blockbuster.

    “It is amazing when one sentence keeps to the point”. This film is a sincere and surefooted work. That is why it is selected to be an opening film in the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival. Besides, Liu Zhenyun will be present at “Film and Silk Road Culture Development Forum” held on September 22 to discuss about two issues "Silk Road Films-Cooperation and Inclusivity of Diversified Cultures" and "the Belt and Road-Infinite New Opportunity for Silk Road Films". For Silk Road literary creation, Liu Zhenyun believes exchanges of feelings are of a little difference among all nations in fact while people in different countries and areas have different standpoints and factions on political, economic, military and religious aspects. There is a close link between literature and real life. Literature presents inner sentiments of people authentically. Literature is more authentic than real life exactly because it is imaginary and it presents unknown inner sentiments of people.

Inauguration of Film One Sentence Worth Thousand

Take the lead in this sincere light and shadow feast

    Interview of actors and actresses: Thousand cares for the women’s feelings

    At the press conference, many actors and actresses accepted the group interview of the media. Liu Zhenyun, the original writer and the scriptwriter, made a compare with the film Mobile Phone, taking the first step to interpret the essence of the film, “Mobile Phone peels the men’s ‘skin’, and Thousand cares for the women’s feelings.”

    Among the actors and actresses, the Director Liu Yulin, who dressed with the red maxiskit, drew great attention. She said, “from killing with a butcher knife, killing by other’s butcher knife to dropping off the butcher knife, the butcher knife in the film does not only occur in the novel or screen, but also in real life, and occurs whether you are married or not. This butcher knife stabs your heart directly.”

    The film Director of Photography Wu Di “revealed” what a real inner war movie was. “It seems that there are not shots in a good movie. Actually, characters in the movie have brought what is inside their heart out through facial emotions. The war inside is the most striking,” said Wu. “In a real great movie, we see no director, no screenwriter, no performance and no camera and no executive producer. What we see is characters in the movie. When audiences watch the movie, they will forget themselves and be always with characters in the movie and find shadows of themselves in these characters,” explained Liu Yulin.

    The starring Mao Hai joined the team where he experienced the life two months ahead of schedule just for purpose of the film. He said, “The Director enables us to revert back the nature of an actor/actress and get close to the character.” “In the crew, we will visit Mao Hai for fixing our worn shoes, Li Qian for fixing our thread-opening clothes and Sun Qian for cooking us casserole cuisine,” supplemented Liu Yulin. However, Li believed, “Everyone in the film has a rich and complex inner world, and it distresses us.” “The film Thousand cured my pre-pregnancy depression. In the movie, one of Mr. Liu’s lines relieved me from it. I think Thousand is a key that opens people’s heart,” said Sun bluntly.

    The father and the daughter go hand in hand the daughter solved the challenge that other directors could not make it into a film

    On the occasion, Liu Yulin co-operated with her father Liu Zhenyun and made the strongest “father and daughter team”. They called each other “Director Liu” and “Mr. Liu” on the conference. The film Thousand can be regarded as the inheritance of the spirit of Liu Zhenyun’s works by Liu Yulin.

    Liu Zhenyun revealed on the conference that, actually a director met him and wanted to adapt One Sentence Worth Thousand .After going into details, the director tried to ask him about how to out more than one hundred characters in a two-hour film. “I also thought that it was hard to make it, and that disappeared into obscurity. Later, Director Yulin called me and told me that she wanted to make it into a film. I gave the same question to her, and she said she could not put more than one hundred characters into two hours, but she could give the shot to several two or three characters in two hours. I thought Director Yulin gave a good approach of making it into a film from a novel.”

    Liu Zhenyun has always been called “One Sentence Man”, “King of the Quotes” and “Punster”. On the conference, Liu Zhenyun and Liu Yulin came with words with humor. Liu Zhenyun said, “I was a guest appearance as a half-assed character in the film. The one the director wanted was Brad Pitt, Tony Leung or Ge You. She said I was not for it. So I called the investors and told them about it. They said if it were not me, they would change the director. For this reason, I catch an opportunity to appear in the film.” “After the shooting, Mr. Liu acted really better than the three men,” the daughter Liu Yulin said smilingly.

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