"Beijing Screenings" International Film Summit

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"Beijing Screenings" International Film Summit held in Xi'an

  On the morning of September 20, the "Beijing Screenings" International Film Summit, a key event during the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival (SRIFF 2016), was held at Qujiang New District, Xi'an. Industrial experts were invited from home and abroad to air opinions on the "way of globalization of Chinese films in the multimedia context".

    Present were film & TV experts such as Jiao Hongfen, President of China Film Group Corporation; Zhou Baolin, Vice President of Central Motion Picture Corporation; Zhou Xing, Dean of the School of Art and Communication, Beijing Normal University; Zhang Ali, Chairman of the Shaanxi Film Association and Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Northwest University; Liu Fan, Dean of the School of Literature Film and Television, Southwest University; Rong Yang, General Manager of Wuzhou Film Distribution Co. Ltd.; Zhang Feng, General Manager of Shanghai Film Co., Ltd. and Chairman of Shanghai United Circuit Limited Liability Company; Xu Binbiao, General Manager of G Z Jinyizhujiang Movie Circuit Co., Ltd.; Xu Tianfu, General Manager of HG Entertainment Co., Ltd.; Zhao Jun, XX of Talent Film & TV & Cinema Development Co., Ltd.; Chen Wenzhi, General Manager of Huaxia Taigu International Cineplex; Wu Yuntong, General Manager of Fujian Zhongrui Cultural Investment Co., Ltd.; Serge Losique, President of the Montreal International Film Festival; Maria Angela Ruggieri, Chinese Representative of the Udine Far East Film Festival, Italy; James Su, Chairman of the Chinese American Film Festival; famous US producer Andre Morgan; the couple of famous US film director John McTiernan; and Gu Guoqing, General Manager of China Film Production International, film industry insiders from countries such as Thailand and Japan, as well as film & TV practitioners and lovers from home and abroad.

"Beijing Screenings" International Film Summit held in Xi'an

    Bringing in foreign merchants is an effective way

    The 20th "Beijing Screenings" was held in Xi'an from September 19 to 22. This event was hosted by the Film Bureau of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People's Republic of China, the Bureau of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of Shaanxi Province and the Xi'an Municipal People's Government, organized by China Film Production International, Film Import & Export Company of China Film Group Corporation, the Film Channel Production Center of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People's Republic of China and the Xi'an Qujiang New District Administration Committee, and co-organized by Xi'an Qujiang Cultural Industry Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. As an artistic presentation, cooperation and trade platform for Chinese and foreign films, SRIFF 2016 innovatively integrated with "Beijing Screenings" to promote the cultural exchanges and cooperation among the countries along the Silk Road, inherit Silk Road spirit and carry forward Silk Road culture.

    "Beijing Screenings" is the only international film screening event to which foreign distributors are invited to watch Chinese films. Bringing in foreign merchants to select and purchase Chinese films is an effective way to promote the globalization of Chinese films. Over 40 guests from nearly 20 countries such as the USA, France, Germany, Japan, Russia and Italy were invited to the 20th "Beijing Screening", including purchasers, distributors, producers, investors, senior film critics, representatives from film associations, etc. During the screenings, 43 Chinese films with different styles and impressive box office results were available for viewing and choice by foreign merchants.

    Apart from the 20th "Beijing Screenings", there were 14 screening units during SRIFF 2016. Over 300 films produced by 57 countries and regions were selected from over 500 outstanding Chinese and foreign films for screening. They were divided into 14 units by director, content, subject and other features. Apart from main units such as "Silk Road Premiere", "Guest of Honor Film Show", "Briefing of International Award Winners", "ASEAN Film Show", "Classics Restoration", there were also units such as "Power of the Author", "Paying Tribute to Masters", "Focusing on the Type", "Stories about Females", "Chinese Stories" and "Roaming all over the World". Besides, there were 22 pre-screening and post-screening events such as "Short Film Carnival" and "Production Team Briefing" during SRIFF 2016. The screening part of SRIFF 2016 kicked off on September 18 and will run till September 23.

"Beijing Screenings" International Film Summit held in Xi'an

    Cultivating new forces is the primary task currently

    Chinese and foreign film experts exchanged ideas on "how Chinese films go global in an all-round manner in the context of multimedia development". The Chinese and foreign film markets, and Chinese-foreign co-production are a generic topic which contains Chinese and foreign elements, as well as common aesthetics. Learning from imported films in the creation of Chinese films is the future trend of film & TV development in China.

    The attendees agreed that the primary task of Chinese film at present is cultivating some new forces with international vision and advanced concepts. They not only have in-depth knowledge of multimedia, but also grasp the new trend of the animation & cartoon industry as well as the development of film technology. These young people will assume the heavy duty of continuing and supporting the development of Chinese films. Besides, sending more domestic academic experts abroad for exchanges can also promote the overseas promotion of Chinese films. While expanding the influence of Chinese films, this forum will enhance foreign filmmakers' understanding of the Chinese film market.

    The attendees not only reached consensus on the development of the Chinese and foreign film markets, but also probed into the "way of globalization of Chinese films in the multimedia context". Knowing the international film market, creating some films targeting the international market, and cultivating some young talents familiar with the film market and multimedia is the key to the globalization of Chinese films in the multimedia context.

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