Young Directors at SRIFF: Bright Future

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Young Directors at SRIFF: Bright Future Ahead of Chinese Films

    On September 21, “Short Film Carnival” of the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival (SRIFF) took place at Oscar Jindi International Cinema, Xi’an, China. This exhilarating gala, organized by the Silk Road International Film Festival (Xi'an) Executive Committee and undertaken by China Film Archive, Xi’an City Movie Corporation and Sunnyway-v Culture Communication Ltd., formed part of SRIFF’s Film Screening.

    This film show, involving a guest called Duan Peipei graduate from Department of Management at Beijing Film Academy, unfolded China’s 10 excellent short films. On that occasion, Duan held all before and after-show interactions, being asked many questions. Amidst the heated atmosphere, almost each film’s main crew shared with the audience how they had conceived of their stories and what they had experienced in the process.

Young Directors at SRIFF: Bright Future Ahead of Chinese Films

    Indeed, the shortlisted 10 short films are of very different genres. And the main crew of 7 films came to exchange their views with the audience. Li Zhengfei, who starred in The East Is Red, famous folk singer of North Shaanxi, brought everyone present the song of the same name, unleashing the bold, clear rhythms of the local folk music. Superb Rider and Moment of Orchid inspired much discussion as well. The former, talking about extreme sport, showcased unique techniques and novel subject-matter while the other, through subtle observation on an old man afflicted with Alzheimer's disease, urged the audience to ponder over their relations with the elders. Death, created by Wen Ye a student from American Film Institute, cast its discerning eyes on the bizarre life of students abroad. Young director Tang Xinyi’s movie My Daddy’s Photo Studio even tried to examine intricate father-son relations in some special situation. Rather, Signs of the Metropolis, from the perspective of little ones, showed the down-to-earthiness and selflessness of Shaanxi’s grassroots builders. But the greatest highlight was A Trip to the Monastery, a film directed by Sun Kejing, as yet a student of Qujiang No. 1 High School. This meditative film let everyone know in depth the young director’s unique understanding of life and his gigantic love for filmmaking. In a nutshell, a bright future just lies ahead. So, every film practitioner should never stop making progress!

Young Directors at SRIFF: Bright Future Ahead of Chinese Films

    As one of the theme activities, those diverse short films created by old, mid-age and young film practitioners were a gigantic hallmark of the festival’s movie show, making many more people learn about SRIFF. At the same time, the carnival itself became a bridge for all film practitioners to exchange ideas.

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