Super Model Premiere Held at the SRIFF

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Super Model Premiere Held at the SRIFF

    A variety of films rich in contents - “Paying Tribute to Masters”, “Classics Restoration”, “Focusing on the Type”, “China Stories”, and among others – were screened one by one at the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival (SRIFF). The premiere of Super Model, another film with the theme linked to the Silk Road culture was held on the afternoon of September 22, which was not only a local Xi’an film, but also integrated with stylish, beautiful and fresh elements of this ancient city.

    This is a film reflecting the real life models

    The youth, inspirational, fashion film Super Model (originally I am SuperModel) tells a story that how a group of girls with a dream of being a model, facing the reality and mental confusion of adolescence, experience difficulties and hardships and finally demonstrate the beauty of human nature on magnificent runways after tortures in family affection, friendship and love. Meanwhile, the film also offers another perspective on the real life of some models, which seems glamorous but is filled with difficulties and hardships, bringing positive energy to the audience.

    The premiere of the film Super Model was held in Xi’an on the afternoon of September 22, attended by the screenwriter and director Shi Chunming, as well as a myriad of models and actors with good figure such as Zhu Yan and Hou Jingwen, adding unique and beautiful scenery to the premiere.

    The starring actress Zhu Yan said, “Many actresses with a model background in the film had never acted in the play before, but portrayed themselves in the movie.” Talk about the feeling of appearing in Super Model, Hou Jingwen, a senior student of a university in Xi’an said, “Since I had never acted in any movie before, I felt a lot of pressure when acting in the movie. I was afraid to delay the progress of the movie shooting because of me, so what I could do was to learn from others under the table.” They added that, although there were many green hands in the movie, the audience will not make a diversion when they are watching the movie because what they played in the movie is their real life or themselves.

    This is a movie showcasing the stylish ancient city

    It is learned that the film Super Model was shot in Xi’an. As a local youth, fashion film, it will also show the beautiful, stylish, and dynamic side of the ancient city Xi’an.

    The screenwriter and director Shi Chunming said, in the view of many people, Xi’an is an ancient cultural capital with unsophisticated architectural and cultural styles. So, we made a new combination of international fashion elements with traditional culture in the film Super Model, in which the stylish, beautiful and new elements of the ancient city Xi’an are embodied, a response to the call of the “Belt and Road”. It is interesting to note, according to Shi Chunming, that one scene of the plot in the movie is about fashion week, called the Xi’an Silk Road International Fashion Week. He said, “My hope is to be able to highlight the unique features of the Silk Road culture using this film, where the inspirational stories of professional models are told to demonstrate the youthful and stylish Silk Road culture.

    The producer revealed that they would keep Super Model alive to create fashionable runway series.

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