Screening Unit of SRIFF Ends with Yisu Theatre

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    On the night of September 23, Yisu Theatre, a full-length modern Qinqiang opera created and rehearsed by Yisu Theatre under Xi'an Qinqiang Opera Theatre, was staged at Xi'an Yisu Grand Theatre. Protagonists, including national first-class actors and actresses like Hui Minli, Chen Chaowu and Han Lixia, showcased the eventful years of century-old Yisu Theatre through moving performance. As the finale to the screening unit of the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival, the opera attracted flocks of Qinqiang Opera lovers.

    Combining virtuality with reality, Yisu Theatre gives a full account of the 30-year tortuous and tough history of Yisu Theatre from its early days to the liberation of Xi'an, its overall image, as well as its performers who kept sages' instructions in mind, enlightened people through dramas and stuck to their original ideal. The theatre highlighted the persistence and responsibility of generations of performers in Yisu Theatre, their devotion to the theatre and the quintessence of Chinese culture, and their pursuit of the dream of opera. Among these performers were President Gao Yuxuan who assumed responsibility boldly, instructor Chen Ganting who spared no efforts in teaching, Guan Zhenyi (playing the role of a red-faced old man) who sacrificed his leg for the theatre, famous performer Liu Tiansu who died of an illness on the stage, and Lin Mengyun who became the theatre's first-ever female performer after 30 years of pursuit. They represented different groups in the theatre and embodied the "spirit of century-old Yisu".

    On September 23, the five-day 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival (SRIFF) was wrapped up. This is China's first film festival named after the Silk Road. Under the theme of "Film in Development, Culture with Diversity", the 3rd SRIFF presented colorful events such as Film Awards, Film Screening, Cultural Show, Film Forum, Film Market and Media Briefing. World-famous film practitioners from the countries along the Silk Road gathered in Xi'an to probe into the exploring spirit of the Silk Road and the development of Chinese films, in a bid to build an artistic presentation, cooperation and trade platform for Chinese and foreign films.

    On September 24, as the last event of the 3rd SRIFF, " Outdoor Concert" will be staged for free on the North Square of Dayanta. Then a grand symphony concert will light up Xi'an as a finale to the 3rd SRIFF.

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