Movie View Master Carnival closes in Xi'an

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    On the afternoon of September 22, the Jacques Perrin session of Movie View Master Carnival- Green Blue Plan · Creation Sharing Lecture was held at Qujiang New District, Xi'an. Yang Ying, Director of the International Department of Movie View, presided over the class. San Mu, President of Movie View All Media Platform and A Lang, Chief Editor of Movie View were present. 20 young directors from the countries along the Silk Road, 16 lucky fans and guests present burst into thunderous applause, welcoming the world documentary master and a French national treasure-class director Jacques Perrin.

    Hosted by the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival Executive Committee, organized by Movie View All Media Platform, Movie View Master Carnival- Green Blue Plan · Creation Sharing Lecture was a highlight of the festival. The Regis Wargnier session and the Renny Harlin session opening on September 21 were well received, benefiting young directors and fans a lot. As the most important guest in the carnival, Perrin stirred the soul of the audience with his 75 years of industrial experience and unique humanistic care.

    Jacques Perrin-75 years of film legend

    His unique film concept creates an extraordinary art life

    Many knew this world-class documentary master from his classics like Les Choristes and Nuovo Cinema Paradiso. Jacques Perrin, a renowned actor, director and producer in France, made a figure on the screen at the age of six and was crowned in the Venice International Film Festival for his outstanding performance in Uomo a metà when he was 25.

    In spite of making a name early, he was not complacent but continued his film life behind the screen. From News Focus in the 1970s, to The Travelling Birds, Micro Cosmos and Himalaya after the 1990s, to Oceans and Winged Migration in recent years, as well as Les Saisons to hit the Chinese screen on September 27. His films can always touch people in mobility, perfectly interpret his artistic pursuit of documentaries-"The best documentaries need time and patience to capture the best moments".

    Soul-stirring love of world-class documentary master for nature, environment and species

    On the scene, Jacques Perrin appeared in a white suit, arousing bursts of applauses. Despite his old age, the world-famed director was still full of French-style romance and elegance when he walked towards the stage. Time left charm on him.

    In elegant French, Perrin narrated his switch from an actor to a producer and actor. France has a perfect film system, he said. When you decide to complete a story in your heart, unless you are a producer, it will be very difficult for others to complete your story. When he prepared for News Focus, no one was optimistic about this story, but it was well received after hitting the screen. Facts proved that the audience needs politics and politics needs to be presented in artistic works.

    Speaking of the transition from politics to nature, Perrin was full of love and responsibility for the world, environment and species. When I read a newspaper, I found a rain forest disappears massively or a specie extinguishing, he said. The diversity and richness of species is my interest in creation. Just like the political films directed by me, I want to express my political language with aesthetic art understood by common audience. Now the world has developed an environmental sense, and politicians are holding meetings to study how to change the world through decrees. However, I hope that these changes are not just what politicians are talking about, because ordinary people also need to realize the urgency of environmental problems. I will continue to direct documentaries presenting the beauty of nature until these decrees truly change the world.

    In the Q&A session, speaking of the biggest touch from soul-stirring jungle chasing, free flying and the affection between animals in Les Saisons, Perrin said, unlike the highly orderly human society, we saw what real freedom is during shooting. There are no boundaries for birds which can fly freely. Compared to us who cannot go abroad without passports, it provokes our thought about what on earth freedom is.

    The world outlook of a world-class film master always shows his broad mind, his responsibility for the society and awe of nature. Perrin is regarded as a model by many young directors for his love for and persistent pursuit of films.

    Celebrity-studded carnival cocktail party

    Master Jacques Perrin takes a fancy to Terra Cotta Warriors

    Where there is film master Jacques Perrin, there is elegance and romance. Speaking of his feeling about the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival, Perrin said he was grateful for being invited to Xi'an, would visit Terra Cotta Warriors known as the "Eighth Wonder of the World", and might never have another chance.

    Yang Ying, Director of the International Department of Movie View, presided over the cocktail party. In beautiful Shaanxi Opera, Perrin talked about life with young directors, congratulating them on gaining a lot of valuable experience.

    San Mu, President of Movie View All Media Platform, was delighted. Since the inauguration of Movie View in 1999, he has been committed to carrying forward film art and promoting the globalization of the film industry. With the constant expansion of this platform, Movie View has grown from a magazine into a general film brand. Movie View Master Carnival extended the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival to the broad world, gave the young directors from the countries along the Silk Road the valuable experience of world-class film masters, and shared their unique artistic pursuit of films.

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